Hi. My name's Alexa.

I am a creative ________. Substitute that with thinker,  designer, storyteller, you name

it. I find inspiration anywhere I can, and I love soaking up new and exciting ideas wherever I go.


I am a firm believer in learning as much as you can, and take pride in my elaborate tool

belt of skills. From the basics of typography, web design, packaging, and my favorite –identity design, to more intermediate topics like motion graphics, mobile design, social networking, and beyond with 3-D printing, I am constantly looking to improve on my skills and take on new ones.


Professionally, I have a lot of experience working on retail packaging, merchandising,

and point-of-purchase marketing.  As a side-passion, I also create unique logos for social media content creators on YouTube and Twitch.


Graphic design is more than just a job or a hobby for me. It influences many of my other passions, but has the flexibility to adapt and grow as my interests do. I love all kinds of gaming, storytelling, and arts and crafts. If it involves bright colors, creative characters and regrettable amounts of glitter, you have my attention. My interests fuel my creativity and inspire some of my best work.


...and just in case it wasn't clear from my ever-changing hair color, I'm not afraid of using

a little color!


I hope our paths cross in the vastly imaginative world of graphic design.








Have some words of sagely advice, a job opening, or need a Portal 2 co-op companion?

Feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!

© Alexa Kerekgyarto 2022. All Rights Reserved.
Hi. My name's Alexa.
© Alexa Kerekgyarto 2022. All Rights Reserved.